Degrassi Producers discuss social media’s impact on youth with kidsmediacentre

The writers and producers at Degrassi have spent the last 30 years chronicling the lives of youth. These days social media is a thread for both narrative drama and social commentary. Sarah Glinski – Executive Producer and Matt Huether – Co-Executive Producer, reflect on how selfie culture and social media affect Degrassi storytelling and the challenge of making compelling television.


CBC Radio’s Nora Young talks selfies and branded kids with the kidsmediacentre

Nora Young is the host of Spark - CBC Radio’s weekly technology and culture show.  She’s also the author of The Virtual Self: How Our Digital Lives Are Altering the World Around Us. Nora spoke to the kidsmediacentre about selfie’s, self-awareness and curated fame.  Her thoughtful assessment of the social, cultural and life impact of instafame-seeking on teen’s lives is fascinating stuff!