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Usually used under images of the user (and possibly friends) in bathing suits on beaches or beside pools. Also sometimes used under images of the user working out attempting to attain a ‘beach body’. A very popular hashtag (#) since many individuals are searching for users with minimal clothing. 


This hashtag is used to show off a boyfriend (or someone whom you'd like to be - i.e. Chris Hemsworth, Adam Levine, Bradley Cooper)


Short for ‘follow for follow’. Implies that the user will follow anyone who follows them. This is a ploy to get more followers. Users will use this hashtag below any image/post, hoping that other people who are actively looking for more followers will search the hashtag. These users will follow other people solely based on the etiquette of ‘following back’. This increases the following count for both users.  


Short for ‘Flashback Friday’. Users will post an old photograph from their past. Oftentimes, the image will be of the user as a baby/young child or during an exciting time of their life. These images are oftentimes many years old.   


Short for ‘follow Friday’. This is a shout-out hashtag. Most often used on Twitter, users will post their recommendations for whom everyone should follow, thus, encouraging their followers to check out their #ff suggestions.  


Very similar to #f4f. Used to suggest that the user follows back everyone who follows them (a ploy to increase number of followers).  


Used for pretty or impressive images of food.  


Used in the same way that the #boyfriend hashtag is. 


Used to signify that the subject of the image is attractive. The image can be of themselves, a celebrity, a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend


Short for ‘I don’t give a f*ck’. Often used to demonstrate the user’s lack of concern over appearances, consequences, etc. 


Short for ‘I love you’. 


(Also known as: #like4like) Another ploy to get more likes. Insinuates that if you like that specific post, the user will in turn like one of your posts. This boosts ‘like’ numbers for both users. 


Short for ‘laugh my ass off’. Used to portray humour or sarcasm.


Short for ‘let me know’. Often used after a question has been posed in a previous hashtag. 


Short for ‘laugh out loud’. Used to portray humour or sarcasm.


Used to signify the user’s love or affection for the individual/item featured in the picture/post. 


Short for ‘man crush Monday’. Similar to #wcw, users will post an image of their male crush. For example, users will post a picture of Brad Pitt with the hashtag #mcm on Monday.  


Used to signify that the image posted is a picture of the user who posted it. 


Used for when the picture uploaded has not had any filter edits (as provided on Instagram and other photography apps).  


Short for ‘outfit of the day’. Users will post pictures (generally selfies) of what they’re wearing that specific day. 


The picture will be of the user, scenery or anything they are doing that specific day, however, the hashtag can used for literally any image since it just implies ‘this the photo of my day’ or ‘this photo best represents my day today’  


Used when the user is uploading a photo that is not theirs (they found this photo somewhere else on the internet). These reposts are usually Memes or inspirational text posts (a landscape picture with a famous quote). 


Used to signify that the image posted is a picture of the user taken by the user. 


Similar to #wcw and #mcm, users upload a selfie of themselves on Sunday. 


Used when the user is linking to another user (similar to #ff). A shout out is the user’s recommendation for whom everyone else should follow.  Sometimes, users also use #shoutout (for #shoutout4shoutout) in order to encourage new followers. This implies that they will ‘shoutout’ a fellow user if that user does the same for them. This is a ploy to become noticed and more popular. 


Most often used on Instagram, this hashtag is used for pictures of Starbuck drinks. This is a huge trend with teenagers and young adults. Most images either show how the individual’s name was spelled incorrectly on the cup (#starbucksfail is also used in this instance), or to depict the ‘pretty’ seasonal cups and drinks. This hashtag seems to be used to subconsciously portray class or privilege since Starbuck drinks are considered an expensive luxury that few people can regularly afford. Regular Starbuck images demonstrate monetary privilege. 


Short for ‘throwback Thursday’. The photo uploaded is a picture from the past. It’s almost like a walk down memory lane or a ‘hey, remember that time?...’ Similar to #fbf (flashback Friday), but the photo uploaded for #tbt is usually from the recent past while the photo uploaded for #fbf is usually from years and years ago. 


(Also known as #thirsttrap) is used to describe any image posted intentionally for attention. Images are usually sexual and the user is seeking compliments. Sometimes users use the hashtag under an image that they are ‘thirsty’ for (want).  To be ‘thirsty’ is to be desperate for something. 


Similar to #fbf and #tbt. However, these images are uploaded on other days of the week and not the designated Friday and Thursday. 


Usually #toolpick (sometimes #toolpicktuesday is used instead) images are uploaded by males who are showing off their abs/muscles. Usually the male is shirtless. 


Short for ‘woman crush Wednesday’. Users post an image of their female crush. For example, users will post a picture of Lupita Nyong’o with the hashtag #wcw on Wednesday.