Miley Cyrus is the latest in a long line of female singers willing to sell their music with their nearly nude bodies. Madonna, Britney, and Christina did the same thing. What’s changed over the last decade is what might be best called the pornification of mainstream culture. Porn actresses now regularly cross over into mainstream media, and there’s ample nudity on high profile TV programming (Game of Thrones, House of Cards). It also seems every week some wannabe celebrity or reality TV personality somehow manages to “leak” a homemade sex tape. What’s also changed is how common nudity and overt sexuality has become during the last 5 years. Nearly naked body parts are a commodity. For celebrities (Bieber & Miley) it’s part of generating and keeping fans and followers. Little wonder, then, that Instagram, Vine and YouTube are full of girls gyrating in bras and panties – relatively innocent compared to the hard core porn that’s a couple of clicks away. But if your goal is fame and your currency is a smile and a thong, then it’s easy to understand how savvy teens translate Miley’s uber-sleaze into their selfie stream. After all, if there’s a Kardashian sex tape on YouTube, what’s the harm in me showing a bit of side-boob in the bathroom mirror.