The behaviour of Hollywood celebrities on social media no doubt has an influence on teen selfie culture. From Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, to the titillating and talentless Kardashians, the stream of photos is a blend of promotion and provocation. It’s a formula that seeks to attract attention, build a following, and of course maintain a healthy business model. Little wonder then, that youth are following in the footsteps of their celebrity idols.

Part of the business model for media and cultural celebrities is maintaining some kind of social media presence in order to remain relevant. The Kardashians and Katy Perry are perfect examples of this. These stars (or their social media assistants) post provocative selfies, what appears to be insider or personal information along with show business updates. Teens understand and follow these methods posting similarly provocative selfies and personal updates. What better way to attract attention and build a following than by copying the pros?