As mentioned, it’s the J Biebs effect! He takes his shirt off during live performances and in music videos. Beiber is also notorious for posting pictures of himself without a shirt on Twitter and Instagram. Predictably teenaged girls go absolutely crazy over this, which in turn fuels his popularity. This rush to go shirtless has swept across contemporary male culture. It’s now an expectation for young males in the acting or music business to go shirtless – revealing a six-pack and buffed, hairless, pecs. Zach Efron took off his shirt on stage after winning an award at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards (there’s even an award for ‘Best Shirtless Performance’). You can find Ryan Gosling and dozens of other stars cultivating their popularity with shirtless pics. So it’s understandable that young males attempting to build their fame through social media copy the professionals. Teen boys are posing shirtless in an attempt to tap into these same teenage girl fan bases. And it absolutely works. The formula is the same every time – young, cute, shirtless males, in various locations, asking for likes & follows and comments. There’s some personal information posted – but the emphasis is on building numbers and “interacting” with fans.  Predictably shirtless photos receive the most comments, likes and shares.