Some of it is, but not all. Sure, there is a strain of exhibitionist, narcissistic and near pornographic selfie culture. But it’s more complicated than that. Much of the fame seeking and brand building online revolves around self-marketing. Many young people have completely figured this out. Selfies straddle most social media platforms. Most Instagram photos are selfies, in fact it is estimated over 90 billion Instagram pictures are selfies. Twitter posts revolve around your thoughts and experiences. Tumblr is a personal blog website. The best way to describe this may be to call it entrepreneurial narcissism. Users upload personal pictures, posts and videos, truly believing that other people want to see them, at the same time understanding that building a following may be a path to fame and wealth. “People strive to create a ‘personal brand’ (also called ‘self-branding’), packaging themselves like a product to be sold” (Jean Twenge, The Narcissism Epidemic, Page 1).

What’s apparent in this world is that if fame is the goal, youth and physical attractiveness is the currency. Simply put, the hotter, sexier and more willing you are to titillate, the easier it is to build a legion of followers.